Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fake Pie!!

For the Rimers of Eldritch, we needed a pie. Instead of buying one for every other show or so, I made one out of things pretty easily found. Here are the steps I took:

1. I got a pie pan.
2. I cut some foam into the shape of the pie pan, to basically fill up space, and then I glued it into the pan with Liquid Nail, filling in the gaps.
3. I cut into the foam just a bit to make it look more like filling, and then I glued some wooden beads onto the surface.
4. I painted it a reddish purple color-basically to make it look "berry"
5. I spread silicone caulkinf over the filling part, which is great because it makes it look juicy or shiny but in reality is a rubbery surcace.
6. I then took velvet tan colored ribbon and created the pattern of the dough on the top of the pie. I find this ribbon pretty awesome at looking like dough, and I've used it a few times.
7. I took the Liquid Nail and filled in the outside to make the edges of the crust.

8. I painted on some brown and black washy paint to make the pie look cooked and even a bit burned.

9. Voila! A pie good enough to eat!


  1. This is great. Simple and easy to follow. Thanks for sharing!

  2. WOW! That sure does look real! Great job!!